Emerald Express Shipping

Need something shipped ASAP? We can help! We provide simple, expedited and reliable shipping experience, that won't have you pulling your hair out of your head. You can thank us later. 

No Storage Fees


With Emerald Express there are no storage or cross-docking fees as freight is received and shipped out on the same day

Reduce Damages


Less handling = less damages. Goods are only touched three times, first upon receiving, then loading, finally delivery.

Satisfied Customers


We take pride in our customer satisfaction. Customers will receive their freight on the same day we receive your freight.

Efficient Same-Day Shipping Services

When you have time-sensitive projects or want to ensure prompt service, our same-day shipping services are all you need. Seattle’s Emerald Express, LLC, is one of the best trucking services when it comes to efficiency and flexibility. Whether you need to transport your goods regionally, nationally, or internationally. We are committed to providing the most reliable, same day shipping services to you. 

Offering immediate pick-up and delivery of goods within the shortest time frame, we’re ideal for any emergency shipment needs. When you work with Emerald Express, LLC, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your shipment. Our experienced drivers use the best equipment to guarantee that each delivery is of the highest quality.