Company Standards

The start of something special:


              In the year of September 1994, at the age of 36 Avtar Singh immigrated to the land of opportunities, the United States. Growing up as a little boy in the state of Punjab, India he was fascinated by trucks but never had the chance to ever sit in one. After shifting to the States, trucking was, without a doubt, the perfect option for him. He wasn’t doing it for money, he was doing it simply to fulfill his dream, as a little boy, to be able to sit in a truck. Over the years he formed strong relationships with countless customers, satisfying them and always putting them first. For sixteen years he lived the American Dream every immigrant has when moving, he then in 2013, he decided to retire due to health related reasons. Then in 2015,  his daughter in-law was always keen on logistics and decided to approach him on helping her start a logistics company. Using the experience he learned, they were able to start a small trucking company. Nisha and her husband Lucky decided to incorporate the best of old age trucking and new age trucking. Combining the grit and brains of both ages to create Emerald Express.  The company is heavily invested in Emissions Technology and operating with safety as being the number one priority! We are nearly a 0% emissions fleet. Emerald Express mission statement is to conduct business in an ethical environment for both customers and drivers. Our customers drive us, and our drivers drive our success.